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Dr. Parag Telang founded 'Designer Bodyz' with an aim to be genuine in the field of cosmetic & plastic surgeries. No false promises and no non-scientific treatments. It is a fully equipped hospital that not only provides surgical but as well as non-surgical aesthetic treatments of international standards.

With a vision of providing only a whole plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Parag Telang founded the Designer Bodyz Clinic. The clinic is fully equipped to provide surgical as well as non-surgical cosmetic and plastic surgeries adhering to international standards. The clinic has the best facilities and equipment to provide various aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, including, the most trending Facial Feminisation Surgery. The surgery includes multiple procedures that aim to restore a feminine facial appearance.

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Real Patient Testimonials

Facial Feminisation Surgery & Abdominal

Rather than trying to write 20 reviews, I'll attempt to put it all in just one review. I'm a MtF transsexual and had full top to bottom FFS - only skipping the cheek implants since I have naturally high cheekbones and was spending a lot / having a lot done already across 3 different surgeries. The face was done in two stages and the abdominal work was also a separate surgery.

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Case Studies

Case Study 1


A 25 year old patient with thick set eyebrow ridges and sunken looking eyes wanted to feminise her face. On CT scan examination, the frontal sinus was quite hypertrophied lending a prominence to the frontal area. So her facial feminisation involved an aggressive type 3 frontal bone setback with orbital shave. Her M pattern hairline was advanced to make it more feminine C shaped. The cheek areas were enhanced with fat injection. The other procedures done were jaw and chin contouring and an Adam’s apple shave. The complete FFS was performed in two stages at 1 week interval as per Dr. Parag Telang’s technique.

Case Study 2


In this 60 year old patient, the aim was to feminise the face and at the same time also to make the face look younger. The hairline was quite receded due to her age, the midface (cheeks) had lost volume and the eyelids were quite loose and saggy. The nose had a hump and required a open rhinoplasty approach to create a nice feminine curve. The distance between the nose and upper lip was shortened by an upper lip lift. The jaw was shaped by a V-line contouring and chin made smaller in the transverse dimension. The face and neck had a lot of loose skin which required a SMAS facelift and necklift. She underwent her FFS by Dr Parag Telang’s two stage technique.