Breast augmentation using cohesive gel silicone implants

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The latest cohesive gel silicone implants are 5th generation implants. The implants are made from surgical grade silicone. The silicone present in the shell of the implant is neither liquid nor gel. It is jelly-solid silicone which never leaks from the shell of the implant. The implant comes in two shapes: round or formed in the shape of the breast ( teardrop). The cohesive gel silicone implants were designed to counter problems like wrinkling, folding, rupturing, leaking and need for a replacement that is associated with saline and older generation silicone gel breast implants.

Advantages of the procedure

The cohesive gel present in the shell will never leak even in the case of puncture or cut. The viscosity of the material is such that it prevents it from moving in the case of rupture of the shell. The cohesive gel implants are much safer as they are securely present in the shell.

The cohesive silicone material offers a natural appearance that is ideal for women who are looking for fuller appearance without an overly enhanced look which is common in other breast implants. There are also reduced risks of capsular contracture in women having cohesive gel implants. These implants have a long life and they don’t need to be replaced soon like traditional saline or silicone implants.

Disadvantages of the procedure

The cohesive gel implants cannot bend and collapse like other implants available. The procedure needs slightly larger incisions. The most common implantation is from the breast fold; however, it can be done through nipple or armpit depending on the anatomy of the patient.

Cohesive gel tear-drop implants can rotate in the body leading to unnatural looking deformities like inverted breast profile, uneven from the side to side appearance. In addition, cohesive gel silicone implants are the costliest among all the implants. With the development of surgical techniques, the future techniques of cohesive gel implants have the potential to become the best breast implants that were ever designed.

Dr Parag Telang has been performing breast augmentation in trans-gender patients since many years. He has now performed more than 2000 such procedures in trans-gender patients. He offers peri-areolar, armpit as well as under breast crease incision options to his patients. Both anatomical ( tear-drop) and round implants are available at Designer Bodyz. Dr Parag Telang has a long list of Bollywood A-listers as his patients when it comes to breast augmentation and he has an impeccable reputation in Mumbai and in India.

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