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The upper lip region is a central part of the facial aesthetics, which cannot be enhanced permanently with lip fillers. The upper lip lift is a permanent surgical procedure, which raises the vermilion border, making the lip look fuller. The procedure also defines the Cupid’s bow making the curves of lips more prominent and crisp. The main aim of the lip lift procedure is to make the upper lip short and evert the vermilion, which causes fuller lip.

Shorter, plump, and curvaceous lips showcase youth. With aging, lips become elongated and lose volume, which results in maxillary and mandibular bony changes along with atrophy of the skin, parenchymal glandular tissue, mucosa, and perioral musculature. A lip lift improves the appearance of your lip and smile in many ways.

Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidates for lip lift are the ones who begin to see the signs of aging and have thin lips. Individuals with elongated upper lip lack the tooth show when they smile. The procedure is ideal for those people who desire to have more visibility of the pink tissue of the lip. You are a good candidate for a lip lift if:

  • You are a healthy person who wants to change the way your upper lip looks.
  • You are looking for facial rejuvenation as part of feminization procedure.
  • You have an elongated upper lip, and the downturned lip corner gives your mouth an unattractive expression.
  • You have a thin upper lip.
  • There is a minimum tooth show when you smile.
  • You want permanent results that are visible immediately after the surgery.


There are many types of lip lifts, and your surgeon will pick the right technique keeping all your expectations in mind:

  • Direct lip lift – It is sometimes called a Gullwing lip lift, and it is used to create a more pronounced lip border. A thin strip of skin is removed just above the upper lip, and skin is pulled upwards to create the illusion of a more defined vermillion.
  • Subnasal bullhorn – A bullhorn shaped incision is made which is hidden along the base of the nose, and the center, right and left of the lip is pulled upwards towards the nose.
  • Corner lip lift – The procedure is sometimes called a Grin lift because it gives a smiley appearance to the face. Here two small incisions are made on both the corners of the mouth, and a small amount of skin is removed from there. The procedure is suitable for people who feel that they have downturned lips.


The patient may feel a little uncomfortable just after the lip lift surgery, as there will be a little swelling and a feeling of tightening. After a few days, the swelling starts subsiding sharply, and within four weeks, it would vanish completely.

The patient may be given antiviral and antibiotics in order to prevent the infections caused by bacteria and viruses. A patient may be asked to apply an ointment to promote the healing on the incision site and to reduce the appearance of any scars.

Known complications

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour. The surgery shortens the space between the top of the lips and the bottom of the nose. It may sound complicated, but the procedure actually is simple and painless. Patients love the results, which give them aesthetically pleasing lips along with a more youthful appearance.

The procedure is not recommended for candidates with active infections around the mouth like lupus, herpes, blood clotting diseases, and diabetes.

Recent advances

The lip lift procedure has seen much advancement recently. The modified lip lift reduces the length of the scar and places it deep within the nostrils while simultaneously enhancing the volume of the upper lip. The new procedure is performed in such a way that it offers lip lift with minimum scarring within the nostrils.

Why Dr. Parag Telang?

Dr. Parag has years of experience, which makes him a perfect plastic surgeon capable of performing any kind of procedure, including lip lift. Being a top-notch surgeon, Dr. Parag constantly updates himself about the latest advances made in the field of plastic surgery – be it fat grafting, laser skin resurfacing, or body contouring. He keeps updating his equipment and techniques to offer his patients the best possible care. Keeping his patients care first, Dr. Parag is not afraid to say no when there are apparent medical concerns and unrealistic expectations of the patient. Apart from this, he is confident, curious, intelligent, and always follows an ethical approach.

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