Orbital Contouring

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The upper part of the face has the most crucial effect on femininity and attractiveness. Orbital contouring is the process that involves sculpting the bone over the eyes so that light can accentuate the upper face. This surgery is combined with brow lift and hairline lowering for good results.

The procedure is done by addressing the frontal sinus, the size of which varies from person to person. The majority of people need more than just shaving the bone. To form a smooth contour in between the forehead to the nose entering through the sinus is needed. Orbital contouring involves surgically altering the shape and size of the orbital bone. In the case of thick bone, the excess of the bone can just be shaved away. Only a few people with small sinus and small bossing will have good results with such type of technique. Orbital shave has a great effect on “opening up the eyes” as heavy orbits give a hooded look to the eyes in males.

Recovery after orbital contouring

The incision will be closed through sutures and will need a week or so to heal. The patient needs to wear compressed dressing on the forehead, which can be removed while cleaning the incision and showering. There can be significant bruising and swelling around the eyes. It’s common that the patient’s eye will be completely shut due to swelling for the first 24 hours so a family member or a friend will be needed to take care of the patient. All patients of orbital shave are admitted overnight at our centre. With the passing days, swelling begins to subside and pain disappears. Some areas of the scalp may remain numb for many months along with the forehead. When the incision is made in the hairline, hairs will start to grow after a period of 3-6 months.


The patient may experience numbness over some areas of the scalp. In most of the patients, sensation returns to normal within a few days. However, there are some patients who report that sensation doesn’t return to 100% normality. In most of the patients, they can resume their normal activities including professional activities within 12-15 days after this procedure.

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