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Studies have shown that facial symmetry results in beauty and certain geometric proportions if met makes a face looks more symmetrical and beautiful. In men, square faces are considered attractive, but in women, V-shaped chin results in a dainty and youthful appearance. Square and wide face make women look older and masculine.

V-line jaw shave is one of the best ways to make the wide face look more feminine. To make a face v-shaped, the jaw needs to be angled and refined properly. In the procedure, the plastic surgeon will shave the jaw bone to soften the jawline to make it look more feminine. The excess jaw bone is shaved-off and discarded, leaving the face to look beautiful and feminine.

Most of the clients who seek V-line surgery or Jawline Surgery in India are women having a short chin and a wide or masculine jaw shape. In women, the lower face looks too wide due to a prominent jaw. Women usually seek for a slender, softer, and feminine profile. The procedure covers three important elements of a lower face – the angles of the jaw, the shape of the chin, and the body of the mandible. The surgery slims down the lower jaw and creates a slender looking jawline while reducing the jaw width and producing a sharper and better-defined chin.

Ideal Candidate for Jawline Surgery in India

The procedure is best to create an ideal V-shape contour of the jaw, and it is suitable for:

  • Individuals having overly square or U shaped jawline.
  • Women with masculine jaw shape.
  • People having bloated or chubby cheeks.
  • People having a double chin.

Jawline Surgery Procedure

There are a few different methods for carrying out V-line surgery/Jawline Surgery in India which are as below:

  • T shaped osteotomy – The method involves horizontal cutting, which is followed by vertical cutting. This narrows the chin making it ‘T’ Shaped.
  • Inverted ‘V’ shape osteotomy – This is an advanced procedure where the chin’s width and height are reduced by making an inverted cut.
  • L-shape shift method – L shaped method is ideal for a long and protruding chin. A part of the chin is cut horizontally, and the excess bone is then trimmed.
  • Horizontal osteotomy – The procedure is suitable for chins that are very long. The chin is horizontally cut, which creates an attractive V-line.


The recovery procedure from V-line surgery is quick when compared to other facial plastic surgery procedures. Immediately after the surgery, the patient will be asked to wear a facial mask that tightly presses against the skin. The facial mask keeps the postoperative swelling down. The patient will also be asked not to eat hard foods that need chewing as it will delay the recovery time and can cause bleeding.

Usually, most of the swelling subsides within a month. However, for face to appear natural, a patient has to wait for 3 to 6 months.

Known complications

The complications associated with the procedure are difficulty in eating, pain, bleeding, infection, and nerve injury. To avoid such complications, it is important to choose an accredited plastic surgeon with a good reputation who has specialized in facial contouring and has done the procedures previously. Your surgeon should openly discuss the risks of surgery. The patient should have realistic goals when considering the procedure.

Recent advances

The new techniques developed over a period of time have become custom made for an individual patient for long-lasting results. The surgical procedure is now performed through smaller incisions with minimum downtime.

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