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Dr. Parag Telang, MD, Mumbai, INDIA
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Rather than trying to write 20 reviews, I'll attempt to put it all in just one review. I'm a MtF transsexual and had full top to bottom FFS - only skipping the cheek implants since I have naturally high cheekbones and was spending a lot / having a lot done already across 3 different surgeries. The face was done in two stages and the abdominal work was also a separate surgery. (I also had a abdominal reconstruction / tummy tuck and a breast augmentation) Being an engineer, naturally I had a lot of questions for the good doctor but he put my mind at ease. I was extremely skeptical about promises of little to no pain and only mild discomfort due to all of these interventions. I'm happy to report I was wrong and the promises were true. Almost non existent pain and mild discomfort. I can't say enough about the level of care or the attention to detail Dr. Telang shows. I noted a specific concern I had with my body since I had genial surgery last summer and even that concern was addressed when doing the tummy tuck. Wow. India is a really long way to go but I'm glad I made the trip. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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