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Worth It
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Dr. Parag Telang, MD, Mumbai, INDIA
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‘’As a female in their 60’s...I wanted to find a surgeon who has the skill to sculpture a natural looking FFS result for me. After a great deal of research I found this special surgeon in Mumbai at DesignerBodyz and travelled from London in March 2020....
This is where I found Dr Telang and his team.

I was on a limited timeline and I underwent FFS 
- Type 1 fontal bossing
- Hairline advancement
- A small rhino revision
- V line jaw surgery and some fat transfer to my face in one session....

Brilliant work!.....and now 4 mths on the results are looking better by the day...so very pleased.
Just slight numbness in the lower lip and chin and on the head but all resolving....
Dr Telang and his team are superb  and I would totally recommend the clinic.
They offer a caring and personable experience at such a competitive price
DO not hesitate any longer; you will be in safe hands from beginning to end.

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Monday to Saturday : 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Sunday Closed

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