42 Year Old MTF FFS Facial Surgery in MUMBAI

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Dr. Parag Telang, MD, Mumbai, INDIA
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I’m 42 and I had facial feminization surgery in Mumbai, stayed there for a month and had breast surgery, laser eye surgery as well as all new teeth fitted too (crowns)

Dr. Parag Telang did the face surgery and he may not be on everyone's list of top surgeons but in India hes a rock star and he should be on your list, the results and the price is all I need to say

he did for $7000 -:

  • jaw/chin shave
  • lip lift
  • nose job
  • cheek implants
  • brow boss
  • brow lift
  • hairline lowered
  • temple fillers
  • upper/lower facelift
  • blepharoplasty upper/lower
  • and laser resurfacing

got rid of some big moles too

as well as that I had breast implants too, the implants I wanted cost a little more and it was $2500 for them but he did a double orchiectomy for me at the same time for free

seeing as I was in India for the month I thought I would have some other stuff done there too.... why not right ;)

I got so much done for an amazing price super happy :)

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Monday to Saturday : 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Sunday Closed

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