Chin Reduction in India

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Genioplasty is a cosmetic surgery in which chin repositioning and reshaping is done to enhance facial harmony.

Types of Genioplasty:

  • Sliding Genioplasty – In this procedure, the surgeon uses a saw and cuts the chin bone from the jaw to move it to fix the chin deformity. This is otherwise called as osseous Genioplasty. The procedure is best suited for people having severe retrogenia (chin too far back). The procedure is also ideal for the chins that are too far forward or are very long.
  • Implants Augmentation– Implants in the chin are used to reshape, push forward, or enlarge the chin’s appearance. During the procedure, a surgeon places an implant on the chin bone and secures it with stitches and screws. Alloplastic implants are very common in this type of surgery.

Genioplasty is an easy procedure, and most of the patients are happy with the outcome. However, every surgery has its downsides. With proper care and the right selection of surgeon, complications can be minimized.

Ideal Candidate

The procedure is ideal for individuals having following problems like :

  • Receding chin.
  • Large or extended chin.
  • Asymmetrical chin.
  • Too short or too long a chin.
  • Abnormal dental bite.


During the consultation, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s current health status. He will measure the patient’s face and will take the CT and X-ray of the jaw. Once the surgeon figures out the most suitable option for his patient, he starts planning for the procedure.

In sliding Genioplasty, the surgeon makes an incision along the lower gums and inside of the lower lips. Once the chin bone is exposed, the surgeon will make a vertical cut in the chin, and that is used as a reference point. The surgeon makes a horizontal cut below the root of the bottom teeth and slides it forward, sideways, or backward. Once the chin is positioned, the surgeon will check the alignment of the bone and file any excess bone on the jawline. Chin bone is then reattached with screws and metal plates. Incisions are then closed.

In implant segmentation, a surgeon makes a small incision on either side of the mouth or under the chin. From the incision, the implant is inserted and positioned around the chin bone. The surgeon attaches the implants and closes the incision.


The chin may heal within a few weeks. However, complete recovery occurs when there is no residual swelling, and that can take up to three months. Patients having sliding Genioplasty should take regular follow up sessions in which their surgeon will monitor their healing.

Known complications

Sliding Genioplasty and Implant augmentation, both are safe and effective procedures to enhance the chin’s appearance. There can be temporary side-effects like redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness, loss of sensation, and very rarely infections.

Recent advances

A lot has been done to reduce the recovery time and ease up the discomfort of the patient after Genioplasty. The new techniques are both safe and effective to improve the chin projections for functional as well as cosmetic purposes. A variety of techniques exist for Genioplasty, and most produce positive results, aesthetically and functionally. However, it depends on the surgeon what method he picks up to minimize complications and maximize the benefits.

Chin Reduction Cost in India

The cost of chin reduction surgery in India may vary from person to person. Dr. Parag is a renowned surgeon offering expert chin reduction procedures. Consult with a doctor for a personalized treatment plan.

Why Dr. Parag Telang?

Dr. Parag is an experienced plastic surgeon who knows what is best for his patients. His innovation and creativity is incredible, which, when combined with his ingenuity, creates new concepts that amend the traditional approaches in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Parag has all the traits that are needed to be a good plastic surgeon. He cares for his patients and always discusses his plans with his patients beforehand so as to make them understand the procedure that he is going to perform. His extraordinary skills and expertise make him one of the most renowned plastic surgeons.

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